My Harley can cruise again!

At the beginning of 2019 I noticed my dog was slowing right down and seemed to be in pain.  His name is Harley and he is a Shih-Tzu x Bichon and will be 11 years old in September.  While he loves going for walks, I noticed that he couldn’t move as quickly or go as long as he used to.  He had trouble jumping up into the car or onto the couch. He wouldn’t even attempt to jump up onto our bed. The poor old man was so sore.  I knew I had to find something to help him.

I went to the Bone and Biscuit in Spruce Grove and they recommended we try Pet-Tek Re-Gen Liquid Max. Within a week I noticed a difference. It was amazing! He got his groove back. He got the bounce back in his step. He started to run again. He didn’t walk quite so carefully and slowly. I could see in his eyes that he was starting to feel better. I’ve been adding it to his food once a day ever since and won’t stop!

Thank you Pet-tek!

— Jan Gosselin

Pet-Tek Works!

We were fortunate enough to have been able to use this product prior to sale to the general public in 2006 when our 5 1/2 yr old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with hip displasia. Looking back there were signs that we didn’t identify as the indication of bigger things to come. She was not able to sit or lay square, after a 30 minute walk or run at the park she would limp noticeably, but in the end the worst was her not being able to get up from lying down without a lot of effort and pain. We needed a miracle and Pet-tek was it!

When she was first diagnosed there were treatment options given…surgery (very expensive and no guarantee to increase her quality of life) or the pain medication Rymadil. They also advised to reduce her weight 7-10lbs, at the time she was approx. 75lbs… and a bit heavy.

I honestly can’t say enough about the product, Pet-Tek gave us our dog back.

We put her on Rymadil while we were investigating the surgery and the medication changed her personality, she became very ‘dopey’ and unhappy…that was no increase to her quality of life except that it took away the pain. Also with everything we read about this drug and its side effects we knew that there had to be another option.

We found out about pet-tek about a month after her initial dose of Rymadil so we weaned her off that and started her on Pet-tek drug free. It has changed her life and ours! It wasn’t long before she was able to jump, run and play like she did as a pup. She can lay square again, and although we have not had a follow-up x-ray done it appears the muscle, tendons, etc. have redeveloped….pet-tek helped her body heal itself.

I honestly can’t say enough about the product, pet-tek gave us our dog back, and because of that I will be eternally grateful!

— Lorena, Regina SK

Paw Balm to the Rescue!

Our bulldog was having issues with inflammation on her nose, we met Lisa at a Pet Fair and she recommended we try the Pet-tek Paw Balm.  It was incredible the difference we saw in just a few short days!

Pet-tek Tear Stain Aid

We have a 6 year old shihzhu/poodle. We have used the tear stain aid pretty much all his life. We started to use it when he was a pup and was starting to get the red stains under his eyes.

Even our vet was impressed!

We gave him the recommended dose until the stains were gone and now he gets one scoop a day on his food.

Even our vet was impressed with the lack of tear stains on our white dog.

— D. White

Rosie Sparkles!

I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you all from both of my daughters, my girl friend, my self and most of all from Rosie for making Re-Gen Liquid Max.

As of Christmas 2017 we were told that our at that time 7 year old Rottie (Rosie) was either going to need a very (common to her breed) expensive surgery or we would need to put her down.  That Christmas break Rosie could not go up or down stairs at all, barely walk from her bed to the food bowl and has lost all luster for life.

My girl friend did a lot of research and found Re-Gen.  Since Rosie has started taking Re-gen 16 months ago,  she has been acting like a puppy again with not one re-occurrence of her hip problem or pain at all.

Best Regards To You & Yours

— Eric Freeborne

Another Victory for Pet-Tek Wild Salmon

About two months ago while visiting my in-laws, I noticed their 12 year-old toy poodle named Skye was losing her coat and what was left was turning grey. Skye was in really rough shape. They had taken her to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and fixed but were told there was not much they could do about her coat and skin issues, as she is getting older.

When I asked what she was eating they told me she had almost completely stopped eating her dog food and was only eating

She looked healthy and much younger.

table scraps and rice cereal. The reason for the coat and skin issues was obvious and simply due to a lack of proper nutrition.

I offered them a bottle of our Pet-Tek Wild Salmon Oil and explained how it would help to restore Skye’s coat and bring her color back. I also suggested that they find a new dog food that Skye would eat. They took my advice and thanked me.

Last night I stopped by their place and when I opened the door this dog came running to the back door barking and dancing around. When my wife said “Hi Skye” I could not believe my eyes. Skye had a full coat and her color was a warm apricot. She looked healthy and much younger.

As with anyone who has a product that they believe in, I am amazed at the results of our Pet-tek Wild Salmon Oil on both dogs and cats.