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Lonicera Tatarica Irresistible to approximately 90% of cats, Tatarian Honeysuckle attracts them with a harmless neuro-stimulant that is similar to catnip. Cat reactions vary and can include: sniffing, licking, chewing, drooling, kneading, chasing, meowing, hugging, and rubbing or rolling themselves all over a piece of honeysuckle. A piece of honeysuckle can last for years, if a cat loses interest the scent can be reactivated by wetting it with a bit of water. Also referred to as Tartarian Honeysuckle or Lonicera Tartarica Safety: Can pose a choking hazard so it is not recommended to leave pieces lying around for unsupervised play. The Tatarian Honeysuckle wood is safe, caution regarding this plant is directed at the bright red berries which are poisonous.

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