Holidays are the most wonderful and eagerly awaited time of the year. Everyone wants to make the holidays a happy and cheerful time and not a time for an emergency visit to their vet.

So, before you and your family awaken on Christmas morning too find the surprises Santa Claus has left for you beneath the tree, ensure that you have taken all the necessary precautions to keep your pet safe and secure this holiday season.

This Christmas season, take a look at the following pet safety tips to avoid an accident or mishap with your pet .

Food Dangers to Your Pet

Don’t feed your pet chocolates, coffee or tea; they embody hazardous constituents known as xanthines that can harm yourpet’s nervous system, urinary system or lead to heart muscle stimulation.

Foods that are rich in fats, such as gravy or cheese can pose issues to your pet’s health, such as stomach upset and pancreatitis. Moreover, raw meat, fish or poultry also contain disease-causing bacteria, such as E.coli and parasites.

Humans are not the only alcohol lovers in your household, pets are also attracted to alcohol, especially cats. Make sure yourpet stays away from alcohol, foods cooked with alcohol, and foods that are in the process of fermenting; intoxication in yourpet can lead to low blood sugar, brain damage and seizures.

Don’t Let the Christmas Tree Hurt Your Furry Friend

Christmas trees and their beautiful decorations can be perilous to your pet’s health.  The tree may tip over if a pet attempts to climb it, needles can get stuck in paws and cause irritation or if eaten they may cause perforation of the intestine.  Sweep or vacuum often while your tree is up to help lower the risks the needles pose.

Tinsels may be the reason your Christmas tree has sparkle and shine, but this glitter can also be the cause of blockage in yourpet’s intestine.  A blockage like this will most likely require surgery to fix.

Glass ornaments and sharp hooks can be choking hazards and may damage your pets paws, mouths or other body parts.  

Are Loud Noises Scaring Your Dog?

Experts have stated that dogs are gifted with a strong sense of hearing. Therefore, large crowds and loud noises make dogs respond fearfully. There are certain behavioural symptoms through which you can recognise your dog’s anxiety: 

• Hiding

• Cowering and trembling

• Urinating and defecating

• Panting

• Pacing and circling

• Barking and whining, etc.

To relieve your dog’s fear of loud noises, use massage therapy and lavender (lavender has a soothing effect on dogs). You can also try alternative therapies which will benefit your dog such as acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  Natural calming products such as Pettek’s Calm Aid  can be used to help alleviate stress and anxiety without worrying about negative side effects.

Distance your dog from holiday plants, decorations and gift wrappings. Undesirably, the plants such as holly, mistletoe and poinsettia, which we use to decorate our houses during the holiday season, are poisonous to our pets. Other items used in decorations and wrappings, for example, ribbons, yarn, long strings, adhesives, glues and candles, can also be dangerous to the well-being of your pet.

Make sure your pet feels safe and special during the holiday season, try to keep to your normal schedule as much as possible.  If you get them a new toy make sure you take the time to play with them, if they get a new bed put a favorite blanket or a piece of your clothing on it to help it smell like “home” faster.  

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