Whether you have a huge German Shephard or a tiny little Chihuahua, there’s absolutely no doubting that you adore your canine friend.

Sometimes though, after a long walk in the rain or a few hours after eating, your dog can produce odours that are quite unpleasant. They may not bother you too much, because it’s your dog, and you are somewhat accustomed to this smell. But even then, it isn’t exactly the most pleasant smell in the world.

So based on that, we have come up with some answers for you. We have devised a list of four great ways to reduce your dog’s bodily odours, to make them more pleasant company for everyone present.

1: Watch Their Figure

And by this we don’t mean have them subscribe to Big Bodies Weekly (or something along those lines,) we mean watch what you are feeding them.

Treats are always fine in moderation, but if your dog is taking in an excessive amount of badly sourced calories this will likely affect their bodyweight, and subsequently, their odour. Unhealthy eating can also cause unpleasant odours to radiate from more rear-ended areas, if you know what we mean…

2: Cleaning Their Bedding Regularly

Image source: Pixabay

This is where your dog (if he/she is anything like mine) will spend most of their time, so based on this, it is pretty obvious that keeping this area clean and free from dirt and fleas will result in a cleaner, better-smelling dog.

We recommend making this a biweekly process. Starting now, give it a try, and smell the results for yourself.

3: Make Use Of Baby Wipes

Image source: allstarfrenchbulldogs.com

We know that bathing your dog on a regular basis can become the most laborious (and most likely messy) time of the day, but it still needs to be done once or twice a month. If you have a particularly smelly dog, try giving them a quick once-over with baby wipes in between bath times.

Baby wipes are designed for delicate skin, and are ideal for your dog because of this. The baby wipes will help to keep your dog’s fur dirt-free and will leave a nice smell behind too. Just make sure to steer well clear of their little doggy eyes!

4: Try Pet Tek’s Pet Deodorizer


Used alongside all of the other methods, our Pet Deodorizer can be the perfect product for eliminating your dog’s smelliness.

Our product works by targeting the toxins that lead to the production of bodily and bad breath odours. It locates these toxins, cleanses them and then eliminates them, leaving your dog’s body clean and bacteria-free. Reducing the dirt build-up and the amount of toxins, is a great way to reduce the smell.

A Clean-Smelling Dog Forever

With our easy-to-follow list, you’ll have no difficulty applying the proper steps in making your dog smell the best they possibly can. Start today and give these tips a try, we have absolutely no doubt that you’ll love the results.

Now get on the sofa and get comfy, it’s time for a snuggle with your cute and heaven-scented doggy friend!