How often can the Calm Aid be given?

The Calm-Aid can be given daily as there are no harmful side effects. It is not possible to overdose your pet as long as you follow the directions and suggested dose. Each animal is different, but generally a dose lasts 8-12 hours.


Why don’t you make a multi-vitamin?

Pet foods that are produced today are sterile and have all the vitamins and minerals your pet requires. Giving your pet a multi-vitamin in addition to their daily food could potentially lead to health concerns such as vitamin toxicity or overdose.

My pet is allergic to shellfish. Can I give him Re-gen?

Yes, in early 2011 we began using a Vegan Glucosamine HCL which is just as effective as the shellfish based product we used in the past. You can also use our Elk Antler powder and Yucca powder together as these products will also help your pet with their joint issues.

Is it OK to for me to use multiple supplements in combination?

All of our supplements are safe to be used in combination with each other, and in most cases they can be safely combined with other supplements. If your pet is on Vet prescribed medication we recommend that you speak with them prior to introducing any new supplements into your pets diet as there is the potential that adverse reactions may occur.

What are the inactive ingredients in your products?

We do not believe in using unnecessary ingredients such as fillers and flavors.

Our powder products generally contain only active ingredients with the exception of the Probiotic which contains Rice Maltodextrin to stabilize the shelf life, and the Electrolyte Replenishment Formula which contains natural flavouring.

Our liquid products are water based, along with the active ingredients they also contain water and a small amount of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

The Pet-tek Re-Gen Tablets contain two necessary ingredients for tabletting and flow, these are Microcrystalline Cellulose and Magnesium Stearate.


My dog/cat is very picky, how do I get them to take the supplement?

We suggest using either canned tripe or a wet food in a flavor that your pet likes to help mask the taste of the supplement(s) (you may need to choose a brand your pet has not had before if they regularly get wet food).

Give your pet a small amount of the wet food with the supplement(s) mixed in and ensure they never receive this special food without the supplement(s) in it.

If your pet is prone to weight gain, you will want to decrease the daily feeding portion of your pets regular food to allow for the addition of the wet food.


Is it necessary to give a joint care supplement daily?

Yes.  The anti-inflammatory ingredient (MSM) that helps relieve inflammation and pain remains active for a limited amount of time so daily dosage is important.  Glucosamine and Chondroitin work in the background to help strengthen and rebuild connective and joint tissues, but it is the MSM that makes your pet feel better.


Where can I purchase a Pet-tek product?

See our STORE LOCATOR to find a retailer near you.

My Pet is allergic to Chicken, do any of your products contain chicken based ingredients?

No.  We do not use any chicken or chicken byproducts in our supplements.


My pet is allergic to beef, do any of your products contain beef based ingredients?

Yes, the Chondroitin Sulfate used in our Re-Gen products is sourced from Bovine Cartilage. We also use Bovine sourced Colostrum in our Allergy Care Formula.


Can you help me with the Pet-Tek Dream crate?

No. Unfortunately the Pet-tek Dream Crate and all other “Dream” products are owned by a different company and marketed under the Pet-tek name.  We do not know who owns these products or how to reach them.


Can you help me with the Pet-tek Dogwalk or catwalk doors?

No.  These products are owned by a company named Pet-tek International Ltd., they are located in Auckland, New Zealand.

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