Edmonton Pet Products

Effective Tips On How To Market Edmonton Pet Products

Currently, the pet industry is growing into a multi-billion dollar industry bringing in huge sales that are estimated at $100 billion. In a bid to effectively capitalize on the trend, many pet products companies are now spending more to manufacture quality pet products that can provide great value for every pet owner.

When it comes to introducing new products to the public, it is particularly important to establish an effective marketing plan. The same applies to sales and distribution of Edmonton pet products. If you are looking to capitalize on this trend, here are some helpful tips to guide you in reaching customers with these products.

Find your target audience

Before any product can generate some buzz, it basically needs to reach its target audience. Attending relevant pet events in the community would surely be a good idea. Before even distributing your Edmonton pet products distributor, you need to locate such places where you can easily reach your target audience. Interestingly, this is one of best ways to get more eyes on your product.

Establish relative pricing

Not all new products available on the market are actually new as they have either been sold or are currently being sold by other brands. When it comes to pricing, it is important to set prices at a competitive range. As you already know, there are other items on the market that can be relatively compared to your own product. So, it is highly imperative to ensure that your Edmonton pet products are priced competitively. The best way to achieve this is by evaluating the cost of similar products.

Reach out to consumers

There are several ways of reaching out to consumers with a pet product. You can either choose to keep all of the profits and control distribution yourself or sell directly to consumers via newspaper ads and retail magazines or via an online platform. You can also increase exposure by sell some of your Edmonton pet products through pet retail locations. However, it is important to understand that this can lead to a lower percentage of profit compared to what you stand to gain with the direct sales model.

Pay attention to industry magazines and blogs

Placing ads in industry magazines can be a very efficient means of marketing your products. If it’s possible to engage in a product review, please do not hesitate to submit a sample when demanded by any magazine editor. This can help to expose your product to a wider audience. Interestingly, you can also solicit product reviews on even famous sites of industry bloggers. All you need to do is to send out samples to them. Many pet bloggers in Edmonton have significantly large audiences and are even well- established to rival a magazine’s circulation.

Get involved with social media

When it comes to marketing products in this modern age, the role of social media cannot be overlooked. In fact, it is extremely important to get involved with more than one social media platforms so as to effectively reach out to where your customers are.