5 Must Have Items when Traveling With your Dog

It can be frustrating to travel with your dog if you are unprepared.

On a flight, there are some rules you must know ahead of time; and when you take a road trip your dog may get stressed-out if you don’t arrange a comfortable place for them in your car. From traveling on airplanes to cars to just trekking the streets, here is all you need to make a successful trip with your dog.

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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Dog’s Skin Healthy

Chances are, if you own a furry little friend, you probably care for their health just as much as your own. You maybe even care for theirs more, and rightfully so, because dogs are little angels and humans have done nothing whatsoever to deserve them. But, before I get too side-tracked, let’s proceed with the main point in hand here.

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Four Ways To Reduce Your Dog’s Odour

Whether you have a huge German Shephard or a tiny little Chihuahua, there’s absolutely no doubting that you adore your canine friend.

Sometimes though, after a long walk in the rain or a few hours after eating, your dog can produce odours that are quite unpleasant. They may not bother you too much, because it’s your dog, and you are somewhat accustomed to this smell. But even then, it isn’t exactly the most pleasant smell in the world.

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Pet-tek Guide For Helping your Dog Smell Better

dog clean shower bathWhat causes dogs to have offensive odor?  The reason behind the smell can vary, the cause may be fast or slow to diagnose, the underlying reasons may be simple or complex, treatment may be easy or may require a lengthy and involved process.  The three main reasons for offensive odor in dogs are: cleanliness, infection, or disease.  

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