Skin irritations can be very bothersome for your pet and there are many causes. We have three products to help depending on the cause of your pet's skin problems. See below for more information on each of the products to see which would best help your pet.


Pet Deodorizer


Pet Deodorizer works with your pet’s natural detoxification processby helping remove the toxins that produce body, breath and fecal odor. Chlorophyll has antibacterial, anti-fungal, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties cleanse the offending bacteria, fungus, heavy metals and other irritants from your pet’s internal systems.

Ingredients and Function:


    • Combats bad breath and body odor
    • Encourages natural detoxification

  • Can be used virtually anywhere when treating the body: wounds heal faster, cuts heal with less scarring, and peptic ulcers heal better
  • Helps thin the blood which promotes better healing at the wound site
  • Promotes intestinal regularity while decreasing gas
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Cleans the intestines
  • Helps combat anemia
  • Helps rejuvenate and energize the body
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Helps normalize blood pressure
  • Beneficial against sinusitis, fluid build-up and skin rashes

Available in 60ml / 30 dose

Directions:Add recommended dosage directly to your pets water bowl.

Please Note:This product is extremely concentrated and is therefore a dark green color that can transfer onto objects.

Please Note: Although available to all stores, not all locations have this product in-stock

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Wild Salmon Oil


Pet-tek Wild Salmon Oil is a pure and natural source of essential Omega-3 fatty-acids including EPA and DHA.Wild Salmon Oil helps keep your dog or cat's skin healthy. Healthy skin generally results in less itching and shedding.

Ingredients and Function:

  • Contains .01% rosemary extract as an antioxidant
  • Excellent source of essential Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These are considered essential because they are needed for optimal health but the body cannot product them itself.
  • Helps to support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure
  • DHA is essential for the proper growth and development of the brain, and supports cognitive functions and healthy moods
  • Helps support the body's natural immunity and inflammatory responses
  • Helps avoid degenerative skin and coat conditions like hot spots, dull lifeless coat, inflamed dry and itchy skin, and shedding

Regular useof pet-tek Wild Salmon Oil attributes to a lustrous, shiny coat and gives your pet the appearance of overall good health.

Other benefitsof using pet-tek Wild Salmon Oil include increased heart health, stronger immune system and a balanced metabolism.

Available in 500ml & 1L

Directions:Can be used with wet or dry food. Pump recommended dosage directly onto your pets food.

Please Note:Each pump stroke contains 2.5ml of Salmon Oil

Please Note: Although available to all stores, not all locations have this product in-stock

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Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil promotes Whole Body Healththanks to the natural presence of Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid.  This Medium Chain Tryglyceride (MCT) has powerful Antioxidant, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial properties. 



Aids in Skin and Hair Care
Weight Loss
Digestion and Metabolism
Bone Strength and Dental Health
Also provides relief from Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Kidney Problems
HIV and Cancer

Available in 500ml

Directions:  Can be used with wet or dry food.  Scoop recommended dosage directly on your pets food.

Please Note: Although available to all stores, not all locations have this product in-stock

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