Stylish and Fun, these New DivineDog Bow Ties let you give a little more personality to your dog's appearance.


Bow Ties - Black

Available in Black.


Bow Ties - Colored

Available in assorted colors.

BlueBowTie GreenBowTie LavenderBowTie OrangeBowTie
Blue Green Lavender Orange
PinkBowTie PurpleBowTie RedBowTie SmokeBlueBowTie
Pink Purple Red Smoke Blue


Bow Ties - Pattered

Available in assorted patterns.

BeigePlaidBowTie BlackWhiteBowTie BlackStarsBowTie
Beige Plaid Black & White Checkers Black with Stars
RedPlaidBowTie LeopardBowTie RedWhiteBowTie
Red Plaid Cheetah Print Red & White Checkers