Chances are, if you own a furry little friend, you probably care for their health just as much as your own. You maybe even care for theirs more, and rightfully so, because dogs are little angels and humans have done nothing whatsoever to deserve them. But, before I get too side-tracked, let’s proceed with the main point in hand here.

And that would be the healthiness and radiance of your dog’s skin. Not their fur, but the skin beneath it. And in direct relation to this, in this article we’re going to go over three tips that are easily doable to help keep your four-legged friend’s skin as clean and healthy as it can possibly be.

1: A Trip To The Groomers




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Now not a lot of pet owners know this, but taking your dog to the groomers not only makes them look clean and more importantly extra cute, but it also works wonders for the delicate skin beneath their thick coats too.

This is because when you unknot matted hair and clean the fur in general, any chance of skin irritation is greatly reduced. Dogs develop boils and blemishes in the exact same way we do, and by cleaning them regularly and untangling their fur, we can avoid hot spots on their skin and prevent such things from occurring.

Fear not though, you don’t have to pay to take your dog to a professional groomer all the time, because the same results can be achieved at home. Just give your dog a thorough brush and bath them once every ten days or so. Your little treasure will be cleaner than ever before!

2: Protect Them From The Sun


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Sunlight is harmful for dogs in the exact same way it is for us, in the sense that they can become sunburned and can develop cancer (in more extreme cases,) so we really need to keep them safe from the sun’s deadly rays.

It is easy to do though, so don’t fret too much over it. Just take the same sorts of precautions you would with a small child: don’t expose them to the sun for too long, apply some pet-friendly sunscreen, or you can even put an old t-shirt on them.

I’d opt for the latter – imagine the cute photo opportunities!

3: Try Our Pet-Tek Wild Salmon Oil


Dogs can benefit from taking in the same vitamins and minerals we take, meaning that wild salmon works wonders for your dog’s skin.

This product is a great source of naturally-occurring omega-3 and 6 fatty-acids – DHA and EPA, that are highly beneficial because they cannot be produced internally and have to come from an external source.

These get to work by regulating the body’s oil production, which in turn prevents acne and boosts the hydration of your dog’s skin – all from simply pumping some onto their food. It is the ultimate health bomb for your little friend and is available from our stores.

Follow These Steps And Reap The Benefits

Try the three things on this list and take note of the positive results they have on your dog. Not only will it develop visibly healthier coats and skin, but they will also let you know about it because of their lifted mood from not having to scratch as often.

Now get going, and give your dog the healthy skin it deserves!