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Joint Care

Digestive Care

Skin/Coat Care

New Product - Anchovy Oil

Anchovy Oil is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.  There are many health benefits to be seen from using Anchovy Oil on a regular basis, it can help keep your pets skin and coat healthy and may also help to avoid degenerative conditions like hot spots, inflamed dry and/or itchy skin, shedding and dull lifeless coat.  Anchovy Oil may also help improve immune function, inflammatory responses, growth and development, brain function and joint mobility.


New Product - Ear Care Formula

Pet-tek Ear Care Formula can assist with ear infections, ear mites and ear wax removal

Our Philosophy

Pet-tek was started because we were tired of watching our pets suffer needlessly while we tried product after product that claimed to work but did not. Finally, unable to find a high quality pet supplement to help treat our own pets we decided to develop our own line of supplements that would provide visible, positive results every time!

Find the solution for your pet's ailments.

Our products can help provide relief in most situations!

What Customers Are Saying

“We have a 6 year old shihzu/poodle.  We have used the Pet-tek Tear Stain Aid pretty much all his life.  We started to use it when he was a pup and was starting to get the red stains under his eyes.  We gave him the recommended dose until the stains were gone and now he gets one scoop a day on his food.  Even our vet was impressed with the lack of tear stains on our white dog.”


“At the beginning of 2019 I noticed that my dog was slowwing right down and seemed to be in pain.  His name is Harley and he is a Shih-Tzu x Bichon and will be 11 years old in September.  While he loves going for walks, I noticed that he couldn’t move as quickly or go as long as he used to.  He had trouble jumping up into the car or onto the couch.  He wouldn’t even attempt to jump up onto our bed.  Poor old man was so sore.  I knew I had to find something to help him.

I went to the Bone and Biscuit in Spruce Grove and they recommended we try Pet-tek Re-Gen Liquid Max.  Within a week I noticed a difference.  It was amazing!  He got his groove back.  He got the bounce back in his step.  He started to run again.  He didn’t walk quite so carefully and slowly.  I could see in his eyes that he was starting to feel better.  I’ve been adding it to his food once a day ever since and won’t stop!

Thank you Pet-tek!”

J. Gosselin

“I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you all from both of my daughters, my girl friend, myself and most of all from Rosie for making Re-Gen Max Liquid.

As of Christmas 2017 we were told that our at that time 7 year old Rottie (Rosie) was either going to need a very (common for her breed) expensive surgery or we would need to put her down.  That Christmas break Rosie could not go up or down stairs at all, barely walk from her bed to the food bowl and has lost all luster for life.

My girl friend did a lot of research and found Re-Gen.  Since Rosie has started taking Re-Gen 16 months ago, she has been acting like a puppy again with not one re-occurrence of her hip problem or pain at all.

Best Regards to You & Yours”

E. Freeborne












Popular Products


Helps to relieve your pet’s anxiety, nervousness and stress which can occur during situations like car rides, kennel stays, pet shows, storms, moving, etc. It also helps those pets that suffer from insomnia.

Re-Gen Max

This formula is specifically designed for pets with lost mobility and joint pain due to hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. The combined ingredients help to decrease joint pain and inflammation while assisting with the rehabilitation of damaged cartilage, renewal of synovial (joint) fluids, and the reinforcement of pliable and flexible joint tissue.

Salmon Oil

Pet-tek Wild Salmon Oil is a pure and natural source of essential Omega-3 fatty-acids including EPA and DHA.Wild Salmon Oil helps keep your dog or cat’s skin healthy. Healthy skin generally results in less itching and shedding.

Re-Gen Plus

This daily use formula is designed to help your pet stay healthy and active through their midlife.The combined ingredients assist with maintaining joint flexibility, stabilizing joint tissue, and inhibiting damage to cartilage. In addition, this formula also helps to decrease inflammation and joint and muscle pain while encouraging faster repair of skin and bone.

Paw Balm

Pet-tek Paw Balm is an All Natural Paw and skin care product that combines safe and edible ingredients that will soften, repair and protect skin and paw damage.  The disinfectant and healing properties of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil make it a great ingredient to any topical pet remedy.