Summertime and Your Canine Companion


Summertime brings many pet owners and their pets outdoors for some fresh air, exercise and adventure. With the heat rising and insects buzzing about, some great products are a necessity for your doggie first aid kit. Whether you are hiking with your canine companion or going for a leisurely stroll at the local dog park, keep these items close at hand to make the time outdoors more enjoyable for you and your dog.

A Water Bottle For Both of You

Dogs get to run around with a fur coat on in blistering heat and can not sweat to cool themselves down as humans can. Your dog will start panting, their eyes may become bloodshot, and when you pull gently on their skin, it will take longer to go back to its original state when dehydration sets in. Purchasing a dog vest that can carry a bottle of water is an excellent way to cool down your pet and make them feel important for carrying things. You can also pack a few cotton balls and some isopropyl alcohol that you can dab onto their paws for added relief. Just don’t use too much, for it can dry out their pads.

Those Darn Bugs

Keeping insects at bay is tough for even humans, but there are products on the market like Pet-Tek All Natural Paw Balm that will help keep those pesky critters away from your pet. This product is safe to use on ears, nose, paws, and skin so that you can slather it on and the Lavender oil with repel bugs. The organic virgin coconut oil is perfect for most topical pet issues, and the beeswax creates a water resistant and skin protecting barrier. Pack this product for both a repellent and a topical remedy when you are out on the trails.

Swimming in the Afternoon

Grab an inexpensive kiddie pool at your local big box or hardware store and let Rover enjoy cooling off in some refreshing water. Dogs need us to help them when it comes to hot temperatures, and this is a fantastic way to show Rover just how much he means to you.

Timing is Everything

Going for walks in the early morning or later in the evening is beneficial for your canine. The temperature has not spiked yet, and walking will be much more enjoyable for your dog when they are not overheating. Try out one of these durable leashes for the perfect accessory to your walk.

Preventative Measures

Keeping your dog healthy during the winter time with supplements that will help with energy levels and overall health is a smart way to make summertime fun for your dog. Preventative measures make for healthier moments with your pet. One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy and hydrated is with electrolyte products. Pet-Tek carries Electrolyte Replenishment Formula that helps keep your dog in tip-top shape and hydrated along the journey. This product helps your dog maintain a healthy fluid balance, keeps muscles relaxed and helps maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Enjoy the summer months with your canine and put together a package that you can carry on your outings to keep your dog healthy, hydrated and safe.

Mobility and Energy: Helping Your Dog Gain Their Health Back!


Springtime is here and with it comes ample trips to the dog park and off-leash areas. Your canine friends have been waiting to get outdoors and enjoy all that spring has to offer. Many of our pets suffer from strained joints and muscles, and often wintertime can amplify these symptoms for many dogs. One of the best products on the market for dog owners today are products that have a high content of glucosamine and chondroitin. These two key ingredients are life savers for pets that suffer from arthritis, luxating patella’s, tendon or ligament damage. Dogs of middle to large stature that suffer from hip dysplasia also find taking daily doses of glucosamine extremely beneficial.

As Your Canine Ages

As a dog ages, the natural glucosamine that is produced within their bodies begins to slow in production. Many middle age and older dogs start showing signs of osteoarthritis while trying to complete the simplest tasks. You start noticing your furry companion struggling with stairs or getting into or out of a vehicle. The cold winter months in Canada compound the stiffness in your canines joints. The mornings are usually the toughest for most dogs suffering from these types of joint ailments due to inactivity during the night, but as the day goes by they tend to noticeably loosen up.

Help Rebuild Your Dogs Mobility

Giving your dog a supplement that is glucosamine and chondroitin rich, gives them a leg up and helps with overall health and wellness. The two compounds work in tandem to help get your canine companion back on track, especially for those warm runs and walks outside. These two compounds help grow and strengthen the joints and ease the stiffness your dog is experiencing. With each supplement, every step becomes less painful. Before you know it, your dog will be ready to race again.

Combining Both Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Pet-Tek has a fantastic supplement called Re-Gen that will help get your dog up and running in no time. Glucosamine HCL is a proven and purest form of glucosamine that repairs cartilage, eases osteoarthritis, and supports mobility. Partnered with chondroitin, a naturally occurring compound in dogs, you can start rebuilding cartilage and stop the enzymes that are associated with destroying cartilage tissue. Re-Gen can be added directly to your dog's food for easy consumption. It is available in both liquid and powder form and three convenient sizes. Packages of 100, 300, or 500 supplements give dog owners the flexibility to purchase a smaller amount.

See The Difference Quickly

Start giving a little life back to your canine by adding a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement to your dogs daily diet. The benefits are noticeable within just a few weeks, but the difference it will make to your dog is outstanding. Help get your dog the comfort and mobility he craves. With a little extra supplement like Re-Gen, your canine companion will be thanking you in no time. A world of difference in one small supplement!

How to Protect Your Sofa from Pets?

We live in a world of constant growth, stress and chaos. Amidst all this, we look for companions to calm our emotional turmoil. Those who have pets as their companions and close confidantes are some of the luckiest beings on earth. Pets turn out to be amazing listeners and mood boosters, helping us to cope with the ups and downs of life.  

After a long, busy day, all you want is to cuddle up with your pooch on your comfy and cozy sofa. But do you know that sharing your couch with your pet’s paws and claws can mean risking the huge investment you’ve made to increase your home’s aesthetic value? The white fur and a turquoise blue sofa don’t really make an attractive and contrasting fashion, do they?

Don’t let this thought depress you and put you in a spot where you have to make a choice between your favourite companion and your living room’s beautiful sofa.

Here is a list of tips that will protect your sofa and make your furniture pet proof.

Tips To Protect Your Sofa from Your Furry Family Members

Are those clusters of dog hair, drool, odours, and scrape marks on your sofa making you feel gross? Allow us to take you to the land of cleaning to help you learn some of the most effective tips to protect your furniture from your pets:

  • Why don’t you use covers? This is considered to be the best way to safeguard the couch since covers are easy and quick to clean. You may cover your sofa and other furniture items with slipcovers, throws or washable over-blankets. Commonly, every pet has a favourite place to lay; make sure you use a cover on his favourite space to avoid the mess.
  • Does your pet love to jump and play on the sofa? Then it’s time that you begin teaching your pet new habits. Earn his respect with the help of obedience commands, for example, tell him to sit, stay and get down. Command him to get off the sofa and go to his own bed. Note: dog training is based on two fundamentals – consistency and repetition.
  • Consider using leather and microfiber furniture as these are pet proof furniture materials. Not only does a leather sofa give a very luxurious and elegant look to the living room, but also cleaning it is a cake walk. Wipe down the material, and you’ll be amazed to see that it doesn’t even attract any pet hair or fur. On the other hand, microfibers are a must if you own a cat. This is because microfibers are durable and designed to repel wetting.
  • Invest in an exactly similar pet bed for your furry best friend. Make sure it is made of the same colour and fabric. And place the pets’ couch next to your sofa. This way he wouldn’t feel left out.         
  • If the answer for you is “No Pets on the Sofa”, you can invest in a pet bed for your furry best friend that is made of the same colour and fabric as your couch.  Place it next to your sofa so he wouldn’t feel left out.         

Apply these tips to keep your upholstery safe and secure and your pet happy. Last but not the least; remember your rules and don’t get carried away by your furry companion’s compassionate and kind eyes, begging to join you on that comfy and warm sofa. 

Dietary Supplements for Pets – Healthy or Unhealthy?

In a perfect world, no one would require supplements. But given the poor quality of our food supply, and the burden of toxins on our brains and bodies, all mortals need dietary supplements for allowing our enzymes and biochemistry to run as designed. Just as humans consume a multivitamin daily to stay healthy, pets also take advantage from supplements.

According to some estimates, around one-third of dogs take supplements.

Why Your Pet Needs Nutritional Supplements?
Pet vitamins are similar to kid vitamins.  People have a varying opinion on whether they’re required. If your pet has not been receiving a complete and balanced diet or has specific health needs that necessitate additional intake of some ingredients, you must consider supplementing your pet’s diet.

Dr. Karen Holmes, a veterinarian and owner of Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic in Walpole, Massachusetts says, "It is not essential to put any pet on vitamins if they are eating a good, balanced diet, but sometimes supplements can be helpful if an animal is sick or under stress." For all pets, whether healthy or unhealthy, it’s essential to analyse the kind of meals and snacks they’re feeding on.

In case, your pet is on a prescription food diet, the food may have ingredients that would not perform as efficiently when mated with an adverse supplement. It’s wise to see your vet if your pet is in need of dietary additions

Are Supplements Harmful In Any Way?
‘Excess of everything is bad’. And there is no exception to this rule even when it comes to consuming something that is healthy. Some dietary supplements may even have a poisonous effect on your pet, even when they are categorised "all natural." It is noteworthy that a few pets might be allergic to some substances.

Knowing the facts about supplements can help you in determining which ones are useless, which ones might be useful, and which ones can really be harmful to your pet. Moreover, pets do not require the same dosage as human beings, which is why you must consult an animal doctor to check the right supplement dosage.

Impact of Various Supplements on the Health and Body of Pets
Although excessive use of dietary supplements or the wrong supplements may affect your pet’s body and health adversely, at the same time, it cannot be neglected that the right pet supplements when given in the right quantity prevent diseases, cure a number of symptoms in pets and treat animal health conditions miraculously.

Vitamins and supplements assist dogs in proper body functioning , maintaining everything from digestion to muscle growth. A lack of a specific vitamin can lead to health issues, which can have severe and enduring effects at times. A pet does not speak the human language, which is why it is all the more important to understand your pet’s nutritional needs <> to keep him healthy, lively & kicking.

What Vitamins & Supplements Might Your Pet Need?
Select supplements that address the precise requirements of your pet. Some common supplements consist of products that improve joint health , boost digestive function, and keep your pet’s coat healthy . A few other digestive dietary supplements can also offer additional benefits such as boosting the immune system and controlling allergies.

Several pet nutritional supplements are used to promote the general well-being of the pet. However, not all pets will essentially benefit from these supplements. Don’t forget to ask your veterinarian before putting your pet on a general health supplement.

Last but not the least; all branded supplements are not created equally. This is why it is significant to discover safe, top-quality, and effective vitamins and dietary supplements.

Go ahead, talk to your vet, include dietary supplements in your pet’s diet as advised by the expert and keep him/her happy & healthy for life.